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Low T Treatment Options

Option #1: In-Office Testosterone Injections

Option #1 involves the administration of injectable testosterone by a medical provider every 7-14 days. The best results are obtained with weekly dosing but some patients choose longer intervals (10-14 days) for convenience. This is our preferred method of TRT because it provides optimal results, has a good safety profile and allows us to tightly monitor your treatment.

Patients who choose this option will be seen by a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant at each visit and will be monitored for compliance, therapeutic efficacy and side effects. Necessary laboratory testing will be ordered as appropriate. Injectable testosterone is provided by SUS for patients who choose in-office injections so men will not be required to purchase the drug separately.

Option #2: Monthly Testosterone Visits

Patients who wish to perform their testosterone injections at home or use alternative testosterone products including topical gels, patches, Testopel or Clomid will be required to see a medical provider on a monthly basis. These visits will be used to refill prescriptions, ensure compliance with therapy, monitor for side effects and perform necessary laboratory testing. Testosterone medications are not provided by SUS for patients choosing this option.

Option #3: Testosterone Management Club

Our Testosterone Management Club is designed to maximize safety and convenience by limiting the number of office visits required. It also includes other benefits including increased access to medical providers and preferred appointment scheduling. Patients who chose this option will be required to pay a monthly club fee for their testosterone management in the amount of $62.50/month.

Patients who choose this option may utilize any form of testosterone replacement therapy including topical gels, home injections, Testopel and Clomid but will only be required to see a medical provider twice annually. These office visits will include physical exams as needed along with necessary laboratory testing. Medications are not provided by SUS.

Medical providers from SUS will contact club patients by phone or email monthly in order to monitor compliance and safety. Patients will have access to SUS providers by phone or email in order to refill prescriptions, obtain lab results or discuss concerns related to their therapy. By keeping in touch with patients on a monthly basis by phone or email we can limit the number of visits required and optimize patient convenience.


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